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Explosion laboratories VTL series

Explosion laboratories VTL series

Detection, neutralisation and transportation explosives.
Оperational support of expert works at the site of the explosions.



Chassis 4х2, 4х4
Model VTL
Weight, t
Max speed, km/h
Crew 1 + 4

   * the parameters above are basic and can be changed to meet the customer`s requirements.


Explosion-proof suits

Protection against the explosion, overpressure, fragments, heat and open flame provides complete 360° protection

Ballistic shields

Protection against explosion and fragments when working with explosive devices

Telescopic manipulators

Moving explosive objects or tools at a distance of up to 3 meters

Non-magnetic instruments

Set made of copper-beryllium alloy

X-ray scanners

Non-contact inspection of suspicious objects

Explosion-proof containers

Transportation of low explosives and detonators

Signal Jammers

Preventing the explosion of remotely controlled explosive devices

Robotic complexes

For remote disposal, scanning or transportation of explosive devices, can work in hard-to-reach places

Recoilless disruptors

Destruction or prevention of detonation of an explosive device by a stream of high pressure water or by means of steel charges

Inspection devices

Auxiliary device during the search and disposal of explosive devices

Mine detectors

Detection of explosive devices in metal and plastic cases identification of major control lines

Forensic equipment

For operational investigation of the scene.

Forensic suitcases, microscopes, laptops, video cameras, portable scanners

Workplace for specialists

Desk seats and monitors with microphones


Washbasin with electric pump and water tank

Ballistic impact protection

Armoring the body to improve the safety of the crew during the transportation of explosive cargo

Power supply and lighting

Smart power systems are very important for performing specific tasks and ensuring a certain level of comfort in vehicles


Compilation and storage of radiation situation maps data

Load compartment

Metal shelves on the right and left sides, fastening for explosion-proof containers, ramp for lowering/lifting unmanned aerial vehicles


Workplace equipment

Safes, refrigerators, microwave ovens, thermoses, electric kettles

Additional equipment




and folding stairs


Navigation equipment

Lighting equipment



Car tool


Hand tools



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