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Drinking water tanks trucks

Drinking water tanks trucks

Thermos trucks for drinking water ACPV manufactured by TITAL COMPANY are used in military logistics for drinking water delivery to hard-to-reach and dangerous areas. The use of polypropylene for tanks increases the survivability and maintainability and shows better thermal insulation properties than stainless steel tanks.

Advantages :

  • Survivability, especially in combat conditions. Bullets and slivers with low energy get stuck in viscous polypropylene, and with large – passthrough  and the hole “tightens”;
  • High maintainability. Holes after shots can be welded in the field with a heated metal rod;
  • High thermal insulation characteristics. Lack of “thermal bridges”;
  • Polypropylene tanks are lighter than metal, so they have a larger usable volume (with a load capacity of the chassis of 8 tons – the volume is 6000 liters against 5000 liters for steel tanks);
  • “Cellular” design of the internal volume of the tank significantly reduces the overturning moments on the turns and hydraulic shocks during sudden braking when partially filled with liquid;
  • Almost absolute corrosion resistance and negative wettability of polypropylene provide high sanitary and hygienic parameters.


Model ACPV-6 ACPV-12
Chassis 4х4 6х6
GVW, t 16 26
Max. speed, km/h 85 80
Crew from 1 + 1
Pump performance, l/sec 480
Tank volume, l 6 000 12 000
Material of tank Food polypropylene
Thermal insulation, °С max. change in 10 hours – 2 °С

   * the parameters above are basic and can be changed to meet the customer`s requirements.


Thermos tank

The tank of “honeycomb” construction
Polypropylene tanks manufactured by TITAL COMPANY are featured by their original “honeycomb” construction. The entire internal volume of the tank is divided by partitions into compartments with small overflow holes at the bottom of the partitions for liquid flow. This greatly improves the transverse and longitudinal stability of the car when cornering and braking.
– The “honeycomb” construction has great dynamic strength and allows thinner sheets to be used compared to usual design, which results in reduced weight of the tanks.
– Polypropylene tanks are highly durable and easy for repairing.
– The warranty period for TITAL manufactured tanks is 10 years.
Thermal insulation features
The maximum change in water temperature is 2 °C in 10 hours, with a difference in water and ambient temperatures of 30 °C.
Tank is made of three-layers, thermally insulated :

  1. The outer layer – polypropylene;
  2. Layer of thermal insulation – foamed polystyrene, 100 mm;
  3. The inner layer (tank) is polypropylene.

Dispensing pipelines

Dispensing pipelines are made of corrosion-resistant materials approved for drinking water storage, and have the following parameters :
– diameter of the distribution pipeline, not less than 50 mm;
– number of outputs, not less than 8 pcs.

Spare manual pump

The truck is equipped with duplicating manual pump with the following main parameters :
– pump type – positive placement, piston type;
– productivity for a double course – 1 l;
– suction height – 4.5 m.

Heating system

Tank heating system for the winter period provides:
– heating from the external power supply with a voltage of 220 V;
– heating with the autonomous diesel device.



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