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Riot Control Vehicle “RETRIEVER Barricade”

Riot Control Vehicle “RETRIEVER Barricade”

  1. To suppress group illegal actions, mass riots in the streets and prisons
  2. Blocking streets from aggressive groups
  3. Can be used for fire extinguishing

The Riot Control Vehicle “RETRIEVER Barricade” is not an offensive tool, the layout of the car provides the effective technologies to deter aggression and illegal actions of citizens, also it stimulates them to a amicable solution of the conflict.


Chassis 4х2, 4х4, 6х4
Model RRV-12-4
Mass, t 15,2
Max speed, km/h 90
Crew 1 + 11
Sliding barrier system:

– width, m

– length, m

– material

– unfolding time, min


10 – 12


polycarbonate or steel

less than 5 minutes

Tanks for water and for special liquids:

– water tank, liters

– foam for extinguishing, liters

– colorant for marking active violators, liters

– pepper mixture concentrate, liters

– water tank material


4 000 ÷ 10 000 (depends on chassis)





Filing special. liquids:

– pressure, bar

– productivity, l/sec.

– jet range, m

– jet supply

– dosing special liquids



20 ÷ 40

up to 55

impulse / continuous


   * the parameters above are basic and can be changed to meet the customer`s requirements.


Sound and light influence device

The car is equipped with a high-power sound device, a searchlight and special warning lights, as the police must communicate with the organizers, participants and the public about their intentions.

  • Has an acoustic and light effect on offenders;
  • can be used as a means of notification

Main parameters:

1. Acoustic device

  • 800 W high power speaker;
  • emits high and low frequencies.

2. Searchlight, modes:

  • narrowly directed beam – for short-term blindness of offenders;
  • stroboscopy – for disorientation;
  • wide beam range – for lighting and adjustment the direction of the sound pulse.

Grenade launcher device

In case of aggressive behavior of protesters, a non-lethal ammunition firing device installed on the roof of the car allows to stop illegal actions against the police at a distance.

  • Slows down or stops offensive actions violators;
  • Remote control;
  • Aiming with the helpvideo cameras;
  • Charges: smoke grenades, flash grenades, tear gas grenades.

Main parameters:

  • firing range – 30÷50 m;
  • rotation – 360°;
  • number of calibers – 15 pcs.;
  • vertical angle – from -5° to 45°.

Fluid feeding system

Gun carriage with a system of pulsed liquid supply reaches a jet range of up to 55 m, which together with the system of foaming and dosing have the maximum effect of restraint and illegal actions of violators.

  • remote control from the remote control;
  • regulation of liquid consumption rate;
  • valve control;
  • aiming with a video camera.


Tanks for water and for special liquids:

  • water tank – 4 000 ÷ 10 000 liters (depends on chassis);
  • foam for extinguishing – 100 liters;
  • colorant for marking active violators – 100 liters;
  • pepper mixture concentrate – 100 liters.
Centrifugal pump:

  • productivity – 20 ÷ 40 liters/sec;
  • power supply from the car engine;
  • remote control;
  • pump operation while driving.

Gas extinguishers system

Used to stop vandalism against the car;

  • tank for pepper mixture concentrate – 100 liters.

Video surveilance system

High-resolution video surveillance system, capable of rising on a mast and conducting a 360° view. This allows the police to have quality information about the goals and intentions of the protest organizers. It is also possible to install thermal video cameras to detect smoldering fires.

  • Anti-vandal cameras are protected by a metal body, allow surveillance day and night. Have infrared illumination.
  • High resolution camera on the telescopic mast;
  • Multi-channel DVR;
  • Multi-channel video monitor.

Control system


The remote control allows you to control all systems and equipment from the car. There is also a backup control panel, which is located in the driver’s cab.

Fire extinguishing system


Nozzles are installed under the bottom, on the roof and along the wall of the car in order to quickly eliminate the fire caused by the ingress of Molotov cocktails, burning tires, or burning liquid on the road when trying to stop or block the car.

Glass protection


  • All windows are protectedwith metal bars;
  • Movable protective lattice windshield.

Transport module


The transport compartment of the car allows to transport personnel in number of 10 + 2 people, and also gives the chance to police officers to hide from the objects and bottles with incendiary mix thrown through a wall.


Filter ventilation equipment


  • Forced ventilation of the cab and transport compartment with filtration air conditioning;
  • Productivity from 50 to 200 cub.m/h.

Ballistic armor

  • Increases the safety of personnel inside the vehicle;
  • Protective materials: special steel, composite materials, ballistic glasses.

Puncture-proof tires


Auto-inflation, Uptis, Run-Flat



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