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Mobile washing unit UMM-5

Mobile washing unit UMM-5

UMM-5 unit manufactured by TITAL COMPANY is designed to wash away any pollution  of any complexity (including lubricants, dirt, fuels, etc.) from large-sized quarry equipment.

Advantages :

  • Removal of hard contaminants by spraying washing solutions under high pressure up to 250 bar and high temperature up to 94 °C;
  • Simultaneous washing with two high pressure nozzles with telescopic extension;
  • Washing in hard-to-reach places and up to 11 m high;
  • Washing with active chemical solutions at negative temperatures;
  • The entire superstructure is made of polypropylene.

Regular cleaning of quarry equipment is a must for its good operational condition, as far as abrasive dirt and dust entering the mechanical components leads to their rapid deterioration, and lubricants that are not removed from the machinery surfaces can ignite and lead to an accident.


Model UMM-5
Basic chassis 4×2, 4х4
GVW, t 17,4
Max speed, km/h 85
Crew 1 + 2
Tanks :

– water thermos, volume, l

– material

– thermal layer

– washing solutions tank, l


5 000


foamed polystyrene

20 ÷ 50

High pressure aggregate with water heater
High pressure pump :

– pressure, bar

– performance, l/min


200 ÷ 250

18 ÷ 30

Flow heater:

– max temperature, °С



   * the parameters above are basic and can be changed to meet the customer`s requirements.


High pressure aggregate with water heater

Designed to work in extreme conditions. Producing 30 l/min, heating temperature up to 94 °C and reaching pressure up to 250 bar, it copes with even the most complex contaminants.

Main parameters :

  • pressure – 250 bar;
  • productivity – 30 l/min;
  • max. outlet temperature – 94 ° C;
  • fuel tank – 136 liters.

High pressure nozzles

Provide washing with two nozzles at the same time in hard-to-reach places.
Main parameters :

  • working height – up to 3 m, from the surface without telescopic extensions;
  • quantity – 2 pcs.
Telescopic extension
Allow easy adjustment of the working length from 1.8 to 5.5 m.
Main parameters :

  • working height:
    – up to 7 m, from the surface;
    – up to 11 m, from the working platform.
  • quantity – 2 pcs.
Quick-detachable shapers
Possible various jet shape angles.
Main parameters :

  • jet shapes – 0°, 15°, 25°, 40°.
High pressure hose reel
Reels for high pressure hoses provide convenient and fast storage of hoses and are hidden in a heated compartment.
Main parameters :

  • length of a high pressure hose – 45 m;
  • quantity – 2 pcs.

Thermos tank

Polypropylene tanks manufactured by TITAL COMPANY are featured by their original “honeycomb” construction. The entire internal volume of the tank is divided by partitions into compartments with small overflow holes at the bottom of the partitions for liquid flow. This greatly improves the transverse and longitudinal stability of the car when cornering and braking.

  • The “honeycomb” construction has great dynamic strength and allows thinner sheets to be used compared to usual design, which results in reduced weight of the tanks.
  • Polypropylene tanks are highly durable and easy for repairing.
  • The warranty period for TITAL manufactured tanks is 10 years.
Thermal insulation features
The maximum change in water temperature is 2 °C in 10 hours, with a difference in water and ambient temperatures of 30 °C.
Tank is made of three-layers, thermally insulated :

  1. The outer layer – polypropylene;
  2. Layer of thermal insulation – foamed polystyrene, 100 mm;
  3. The inner layer (tank) – is polypropylene.

Working platform

Located on the roof of the superstructure at a height of 3.7 m and is equipped with a retractable ladder for operator access and protective folding railings along the perimeter of 1.2 m height. The railing folding indicator is displayed in the driver’s cab

Water pump

Autonomous diesel motor pump is designed to fill the tank from an external source, and if necessary, drain water from the tank under pressure.

Main parameters:

  • productivity – 1800 l/min ;
  • suction height – 8 m;
  • pipes diameter – 100 mm.



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