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Light Fire Fighting Engines

Light Fire Fighting Engines

Modular fire fighting solutions from TITAL COMPANY are an opportunity to have an effective and easy fire fighting tool at minimal cost and maximum flexibility.

A conventional truck can be transformed into an effective fire truck capable of performing basic fire fighting tasks just by placing a TITAL COMPANY`s fire fighting skid into the cargo body.

Main Advantages:

  • The skid consists of a tank, a fire pump and fire-fighting equipment, all housed in a single structure. All module elements can be individually tailored to the needs and requirements of the end user;
  • The tank is made of polypropylene, which makes the construction light, durable and absolutely resistant to corrosion;
  • The design of the module provides easy operation and maintenance of all units and elements;
  • The dimensions of the modules allow them to be mounted in the onboard bodies of different cars and trailers of the most common models, meanwhile the module works completely autonomously;
  • The module is equipped with hand nozzles with adjustable flow rate for efficient fire fighting;
  • The fire module can be used as a standalone unit for fire fighting or as a pumping unit together with other appliances.


Model MPM-0,7-7

(700 l)


(2 000 l)


(5 000 l)


Cart, trolley, van or truck body

Truck body
Tank volume, l 300 ÷ 700 1 000 ÷ 5 000
Tank material Polypropylene
Fire pump:

– pressure, m

– performance, l/sec

– suction height, m






90 ÷ 100

10 ÷ 20


Skid weight, kg 150 ÷ 250 500 ÷ 800

   * the parameters above are basic and can be changed to meet the customer`s requirements.



Polypropylene tanks manufactured by TITAL COMPANY are featured by their original “honeycomb” construction. The entire internal volume of the tank is divided by partitions into compartments with small overflow holes at the bottom of the partitions for liquid flow. This greatly improves the transverse and longitudinal stability of the car when cornering and braking.

  • The “honeycomb” construction has great dynamic strength and allows thinner sheets to be used compared to usual design, which results in reduced weight of the tanks.
  • Polypropylene tanks are highly durable and easy for repairing.
  • The warranty period for TITAL manufactured tanks is 10 years.

Fire Pump

In comparison to “household” motor pumps, only professional fire pumps can provide the required performance and water pressure for effective fire fighting.

Japan-made Tohatsu firefighting pumps have high quality and performance, are equipped with lighting systems, electric starter and vacuum water priming system, while “household” pumps need to be filled with water before starting.

Hand nozzles

The use of Protek 360 and 366 selectable gallonage nozzles allows you to:

  • regulate water consumption;
  • form 3 different jet shapes;
  • stop the water supply using a ball valve with n-shaped handle.

Provided with flushing mode and stainless filter mesh.


Portable foam unit

Provides fire fighting foam of different expansion.

  • Easy to use – just connect the pressure water hose;
  • Reliable and durable polyethylene and stainless steel construction;
  • Allows to receive up to 50 m³ of medium-expansion foam, which is sufficient for the most common cases – fires of combustible substances or on transport.

Foam tank and equipment

Additional foam tank allows foam extinguishing of larger and more complex fires and feeding more than one foam nozzle.

The tank is made of polypropylene, which excludes its corrosion and leakage.

The foaming proportioning system provides a concentration of the foam agent from 1 to 6%.

The foam flows by Protek hand foam nozzles or other foam tubes.



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