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Rapid Intervention Vehicles

Rapid Intervention Vehicles

APD-2 rapid intervention vehicles manufactured by TITAL COMPANY have twice as much power than usual fire-fighting engines, that allows next features:

  • Reduced arrival time due to the maneuverability of the small car;
  • Earlier beginning of rescue operations;
  • Evaluation of accident before the arrival of main forces;
  • Localization and elimination of fires in dense urban areas.

Main Advantages:

  • The power supply to the pump and the 220V generator is provided by a separate motor. Power take-off from the main engine is not applicable;
  • The power module consists of an engine, generator and pump, and is completely autonomous. Switching on and control of the power module is carried out both from the pump compartment and from the driver’s cab during the movement, which enables immediate use;
  • Water supply can be carried out from any external source: another fire engine, hydrant, open water source;
  • A high-pressure centrifugal pump generates a pressure of 150 m, which allows the nozzle to be operated effectively up to a height of 100 meters (30-floor buildings).


< 3,5 t
4х2 (4х4)
> 3,5 t
4х2 (4х4)
Model APD-0,5-2 APD-1,2-2
Specific power, kW/t. 23 ÷ 32 15 ÷ 27
Crew from 1+4 … 6
Pump performance, l/sec 3 ÷ 8
Tank volumes:

– water, l

– foam, l


500 (300)

– – –


700 ÷ 1200

30 ÷ 50

   * The parameters above are basic and can be changed to meet the customer`s requirements.


Hand nozzles


The use of Protek 360 and 366 selectable gallonage nozzles allows you to:

  • regulate water consumption;
  • form 3 different jet shapes;
  • stop the water supply using a ball valve with n-shaped handle.

Provided with flushing mode and stainless filter mesh.

Power module

Power module includes separate engine, fuel system, transmission, fire pump, power generator, fire hoses, hand nozzle and control panel. The drive of the pump and the generator is carried out by a motor of the power module with belt transmission.

Start&stop of the additional engine, and the pump is carried out both from the operator’s control panel and from the cabin in motion.

Control panel

The main control panel in operator workplace
1-indicator of failure of the electrical supply – 220V; 2-rear lights switch; 3- indicator of oil pressure drop in the oil system; 4-button of carburetor; 5- oil temperature indicator; 6-indicator of the ignition system circuit; 7-ignition switch; 8-tachometer and motor-clock timer; 9-emergency stop button; 10-indicator of water pressure drop; 11-indicator of the low water level in the tank (50 l); 12-emergency shutdown of the pump drive; 13-button pump drive start; 14-energy switch for pump drive; 15-sound device.
Duplicate control panel in the driver’s cab
The control panel is equipped with: switching on the ignition of the engine and power of the power module; indication of engine power; engine start and stop buttons; cold start switch; emergency oil level indicator; oil temperature indicator; pump start and stop buttons; pump indicator; emergency indicator of the pump; emergency indicator of low water level in the tank (50 l); a button for muting the alarm; a button for the perimeter illumination; open doors indicators.

Light mast

Illumination on scene is an important point in fire and rescue operations for effective work and safety of all participants.

LED light telescopic mast extends easily, rotates around its axis and provides reliable illumination.

Set of hydraulic and pneumatic rescue equipment

Hydraulic spreaders combined

Pneumatic lifting bags


Hydraulic cutters

Hand pump

Hydraulic rams



This is a foam system made as a complete independent unit that only needs water and foam agent. Consists of a power generator motor, compressor, foam mixing section and controls.

Water-foam ejector

High-precision 6-position water-foam ejector: 0.25% / 0.5% / and 1% for additives A and B; 1% / 3% / and 6% for emulsifiers.



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