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Airport multipurpose cleaning vehicle AMCV-5/8

Airport multipurpose cleaning vehicle AMCV-5/8

Airfield cleaners manufactured by TITAL COMPANY provide fast and quality care of the runways and other roads of the airport throughout the calendar year.

МWe offer AMCV-5/8 with TWO SUPERSTRUCTURES for :

  • WINTER period :
    • spreader of anti-ice agent with the hopper;
    • snow plow;
    • snow brush.
  • WARM period :
    • tank with flushing system;
    • spray bar for cooling the runway and washing the airfield roads;
    • high pressure nozzle – for washing equipment;
    • brush sweeper.

Snow removal and runway anti-icing

Airfield and machinery washing

Both hopper and tank have special lifting supports for removal from the chassis without the use of extra crane.


Model AMCV-5/8
Basic chassis 4х4
GVW, t 18
Max speed, km/h 110
Crew 1 + 1
Snow plow :

– width, m

– working speed, km/h

– working angles




± 35°

Anti-ice agent spreader :

– hopper volume, m3

– spreading width, m



2 ÷ 12

Flushing system :

– tank volume, m3

– washing width, m

– performance, l/min

– working pressure, bar






Brush sweeper :

– brush width, m

– brush diameter, m




Tank material Polypropylene

   * the parameters above are basic and can be changed to meet the customer`s requirements.


Snow plow

The plow is quick-detachable and securely fastened through a special mounting plate on the front of the car.

Main parameters :

  • width – 4.5 m;
  • working speed – 60 km/h;
  • working angles – 35°;
  • drive of working parts – hydraulic.

Anti-ice agent spreader

The agent is moved by a belt rubber conveyor from the hopper to the disc spreader. Control is carried out from a special console in the cabin. The hopper and all equipment are made of stainless steel and protected from corrosion.

Main parameters :

  • hopper volume – 5 m3;
  • spreading width – from 2 to 12 m;
  • drive of working parts – hydraulic.

Flushing system

The tank of “honeycomb” construction
Polypropylene tanks manufactured by TITAL COMPANY are featured by their original “honeycomb” construction. The entire internal volume of the tank is divided by partitions into compartments with small overflow holes at the bottom of the partitions for liquid flow.
This greatly improves the transverse and longitudinal stability of the car when cornering and braking.

  • The “honeycomb” construction has great dynamic strength and allows thinner sheets to be used compared to usual design, which results in reduced weight of the tanks.
  • Polypropylene tanks are highly durable and easy for repairing.
  • The warranty period for TITAL manufactured tanks is 10 years.
Pump unit
Pump drive – is made by engine of the truck via power takeoff attachment.Main parameters :

  • performance – 500 l/min;
  • working pressure – 90 bar.
Spray bar
Installed instead of a snow plow in the front of the car and performs cooling and cleaning of airfield surfaces.

  • working width is – 8 m.
High pressure nozzle

Used for washing the machinery, when high pressure is needed. Vehicle can be equipped with water heating system to use high pressure for treating aircrafts with hot water.

  • quantity – 1 pcs.
High pressure hose reel
Self-winding (inertial) reel for storage of a high pressure sleeve is made of stainless steel.

Main parameters :

  • length – 45 m;
  • quantity – 1 pcs.

Brush sweeper

The brush is located behind the rear axle of the truck and has support wheels. It is equipped with a hydraulic system of lifting, lowering and rotation with control from the cabin.

Main parameters :

  • brush width – 3.6 m;
  • brush diameter – 0.8 m;
  • working angles – 30°.


Water heating system

The tank heater equipment provides the possibility of using the flushing system in winter.

Main parameters :

  • mains power – 220V/380V.

Autonomous water heater

For hot water treatment of aircrafts in the winter, the irrigation system can be equipped with an autonomous water heating system.

Main parameters :

  • fuel – gasoline / diesel.

Magnetic bar

Cleaning of metal debris, regardless of its shape and size, from runways and airfield roads.

Main parameters :

  • width of cleaning –  3.1 m.



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